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Specialist Heating Equipment For Churches

Learn about the range of specialist heating equipment we use in the projects we undertake

Heating Systems

A heating system for your kind of church

The range of church heating systems installed by Mellor and Mottram is as varied as the churches themselves. In some cases the project may involve just the replacement of a boiler utilising existing pipework that is in perfectly good order. In others the entire church heating system needs to be replaced. In some churches the heating system needs sophisticated controls to ensure energy-efficient operation.


Engineer working on boiler


The boiler is at the heart of the system

In most old churches and other ancient buildings, Mellor and Mottram will install traditional ‘wet’ heating systems. These are powered by one or more boilers, dependent on the size of the church and the type of boiler. Most boilers are powered by either gas or oil, although the renewable option is becoming more popular.


Radiator in a church


Where the heating system shows its face to the world

The ‘public face’, so to speak, of most church heating systems is the radiators. To a great extent an effort is made to hide or disguise them so as not to detract from the aesthetics of the church building – particularly in the case of ancient or grand Victorian churches.


Radiator in a church


Getting the circulation going

A common option for heating systems in modern churches is the installation of gas-fired fan convector heaters. That is because with modern churches there is the availability of exterior walls into which flues can be fitted.