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Treading softly to avoid disturbing ancient fabric

Some of the most complex church heating installations are when the heating of a historic church needs to be replaced. In many instances the existing boiler is of the Grundy type of oil-fired boiler.



Green energy for churches and other public buildings

The way of the future with heating systems in churches and other historic buildings is with renewables. Mellor and Mottram have been at the cutting edge of this green revolution with the installation of a number of renewable systems in a variety of buildings.


Keeping the system up to scratch

Having had a brand new heating system installed at your church, it is important to keep the system maintained and up to scratch, in order to ensure its safe operation and to maximise savings on fuel. The most economical way of doing that is by way of a Service Contract.


Applying our expertise across other sectors

Although Mellor and Mottram are specialists in church heating, they have significant expertise in the installation of heating systems in commercial and industrial premises: indeed the company began life as a commercial heating company.