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Radiators - Installed by Mellor and Mottram

Here you can find out about the different kinds of radiators we install in churches

Where the heating system shows its face to the world

The ‘public face’, so to speak, of most church heating systems is the radiators. To a great extent an effort is made to hide or disguise them so as not to detract from the aesthetics of the church building – particularly in the case of ancient or grand Victorian churches.

Different buildings require different radiators and Mellor and Mottram will source them from the most appropriate manufacturer. For example, on a Grade One-listed church cast iron units can be installed to suit the age of the building. An example of this is St Boniface Church, Bunbury.

Steel panel units are the best to install on a ‘one pipe’ system, such as is seen in upgrades to existing systems. Mellor and Mottram source those from a manufacturer in Belgium. They have the further advantages of being available in any colour to suit stonework or woodwork and have a low surface temperature for safety.

Different units can be installed in different locations, for example wall-mounted units or low-sitting units for fitting under pews, such as those at St Chad’s Church, Winsford. New elements can also be installed into existing ducts.

The Belgian manufacturer who supplies Mellor and Mottram also has a range of fans to fit inside the casing of radiators. These are quiet running and boost the output of the radiators by up to 200%.

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