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Heating Systems - Installed by Mellor and Mottram

Here you can find out about the different kinds of heating system we install in churches

Getting the circulation going

A common option for heating systems in modern churches is the installation of gas-fired fan convector heaters. That is because with modern churches there is the availability of exterior walls into which flues can be fitted. Mellor and Mottram predominantly use units manufactured by Rinnai, as they are very quiet when in operation and both the fan and the burner modulate downwards as the temperature rises. They also feature in-built thermostats and the controls are lockable.

In some cases the units can be used in conjunction with fan converters – usually from the Dunham Bush AM range – which use hot water fed via a boiler and flow-and-return pipework.

Modern church buildings where Rinnai convector heaters have been installed include Tonbridge Methodist Church in Kent and Altrincham Methodist Church in Cheshire.

Older buildings

Other heaters installed by Mellor and Mottram include Drugassar units, which produce more heat and so can heat a larger space with fewer units.


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